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Welcome to Small Press World, where we help you realize your publishing potential!

The business of publishing is complex and often confusing. There don’t seem to be that many resources for those who own a small press—people who are interested in making a business of publishing. Small Press World aims to help you fill in the gaps.

If you are starting up a new Press we offer consultations that walk you through all the steps you’ll need to begin your business. We can even help you file all the forms needed—from ISBNs to starting your accounting programs.

Do you need specialized expertise to put out your next book? We offer a full range of product development services including editing, typesetting and book design, cover design and production to help you launch your publications.

If you have an established Press you may be in a quandry how to adapt to changing conditions in the trade and grow your business. How do you cope with e-books, podcasts, POD printing and the rest? We offer business development consulting to show you all the paths open to you.

Marketing is the most important and least understood aspect of successful publishing. If you’ve been doing the scattershot method of sending out review copies to all and sundry, we can help you hone your marketing plan, get serious about Web 2.0 interaction and press release approaches.

At Small Press World, we understand all the challenges you face. And we’re here to help!

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